Innovations by Partners



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Fraunhofer ILT

  • process developed for laser drilling and laser spectroscopic analyses of electronic components
  • image processing and evaluation software for 2D-, 3D-imaging data of PCBs
  • laser unsoldering process developed, know how transferred to OSAI
  • prototype machine for 2D-, 3D-imaging and laser spectroscopic analysis in a measuring volume of 500 x 500 x 30 mm3
  • pulsed-power-fragmentation for a batch treatment of residues of dismantled MPHs and PCBs to liberate valuable components
  • presentation of ADIR processes and machines on Berliner Recycling- und Sekundärrohstoffkonferenz, Berlin, held on 2-3.3.2020 in Berlin, Germany
  • machine 5 and machine 6 can be demonstrated for customers
  • Fraunhofer patent on process sequence of ADIR
  • organisation of two demo days at ECG, Goslar: 17.5.2019, 21.11.2019
  • concept, screenplay for video showing running ADIR demonstrator
  • ADIR website:  

Fraunhofer IFF

  • AI1)-based machine vision for detection of model and orientation on the conveyor
  • developed process for dismantling various mobile phone models, including removal of battery, removal of PCB from housing, and removal of shieldings on PCB to allow further processing
  • machine 2 can be demonstrated for customers
  • participation in demo day at ECG, Goslar: 21.11.2019
  • creation of final video of ADIR demonstration


  • developed technology for selective hydrometallurgical recovery of Au, Ag and PGMs2) from separated fractions of PCBs
  • developed technology for hydro-metallurgical recovery of neodymium from magnets separated from PCBs
  • complete analytical procedures for determination of composition and process control for all stages and streams of precious metals recovery
  • presentations of technologies at conferences after end of the project, such as Circular Economy in Non-Ferrous Metals Industry, held on 26-28.2.2020 in Cracow, Poland
  • technologies can be demonstrated for customers in pilot installations of Łukasiewicz-IMN
  • Ł-IMN patent on neodymium recovery from electronic scrap


  • feeding and singularisation of MPHs on a belt conveyor up to a take over position
  • structured documentation of disassembly procedures of MPHs
  • localisation of valuable electronic components on PCBs from MPHs and servers
  • evaluation schemes for field tests of ADIR demonstrator
  • machine 1 can be demonstrated for customers
  • economic assessment of ADIR demonstrator and proposals for future development actions for improvement
  • comprehensive experience in operation of novel process line for automated diassembly of WEEE and generation of new sorting fractions


  • design of laser-based machine for desoldering and cut out of components from PCBs 
  • development of industrial process for the automatic desoldering and sorting of components
  • design of a double-purpose optical set-up able to both laser-desolder and cut-out of components from PCBs 
  • design of ad-hoc equipment for automatic sorting of components detached from PCBs; the components are extracted with a dedicated suction nozzle, integrated in the machine.
  • design of a universal clamping system for the fixing of PCBs
  • software and hardware implementation and integration for the lasering process and PCBs automation 
  • definition of sorting rules for the progressive extraction of components (extraction order, suction direction, sorting orientation)
  • integration of the machines; implementing safety, communication between modules and synchronisation of processes
  • machine 4 is installed at the facility of Electrocycling GmbH, Goslar, for future industrial development
  • further activities are planned on machine 4
  • machine 3 can be demonstrated for customers
  • video with running machines to demonstrate WEEE recycling companies the potential of automation for the selective dismantling and sorting of valuable materials


  • extension for LSA automation and analysis software:
    interface to a new laser source,
    interface to a scanning device for fast 3D-positioning of laser beam and plasma radiation,
    user-interface for analysis point / area selection of samples and integration to automation,
    analysis module for score-evaluation of LIBS3)-Signals,
    new TCP-interface to master / process plant
  • spectrometer module in machine 5
  • support for ILT for demonstra-tions of machine 5

H.C. Starck

  • process development and verification for recovery of tantalum and tungsten from separated electronic components like tantalum capacitors and vibrational motors
  • first indication of a recovery process of tantalum from SAW4) filters
  • implementation of these recovery processes in overall process chain of tantalum and tungsten processing
  • localisation of valuable electronic components, like Ta capacitors and SAW filters, on selected PCBs from MPH and servers
  • economic assessment of ADIR demonstrator and proposals for future development actions for improvement
  • support of first demo day at H.C. Starck facility in Goslar, 17.5.2019


  • process developed for composition analysis of single MPHs and single PCBs from MPHs and from servers
  • localisation of valuable electronic components on PCBs from MPHs and servers
  • economic assessment of ADIR demonstrator and proposals for future development actions for improvement


  • machine vision software, capable of simultaneously recognising multiple pieces of interest under the camera lens, giving the local position of the pieces with respect to a predefined reference; different types of pieces and their positions can be used by a third-party system
  • machine is stand-alone, designed to minimise economical and physical impact on existing lines, to allow a major and wide integration all over the world, even in locations of less advanced countries, where most of the sorting is currently being done
  • machine 7 can be demonstrated for customers
  • software will be improved to be more user friendly
  • hardware must be upgraded to operate in harsher environments to target all possible users
  • plan is to sell the equipment and integrate it in existing recycling lines
  • plan is to offer as a service the recognition models for different types of pieces

1) artifical intelligence, 2) platin group metals, 3) laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, 4) surface acoustic wave